MARAEY´s is positioned to lead the way towards sustainable management and development practices, backed by the achievement of prestigious international labels and recognitions:


MARAEY Project has achieved GEO Certified Pre-certification, as environmental and social excellence acknowledgment, for its 18-holes golf course.

The certification has considered the endeavor, in order to foster the sustainability, through the development of a golf course, which benefits the local community, at the same time that restore and protect the natural landscape.

The GEO Certified label, worldwide example of sustainable golf, is a comprehensive modern certification, developed to the highest credibility standard, to help golf facilities, developments and tournaments demonstrate and be recognized for their environmental and social responsibility.

The widely regarded international ecolabel, administered by the not-for-profit GEO Certification Ltd., is fully Code Compliant with the ISEAL Alliance Codes of Good Practice.


This award recognize the lidership of the project in the creation of a more sustainable, healthy and resilient community.

Leadership Awards, granted by the U.S. Green Building Council, the main certifying body form sustainable communities and buildings in the world, recognize outstanding projects and organizations at the forefront of the green building communnity.

The Project has been given this distinction thanks to the high score achieved in the Sustainable SITES Iniciative precertification in the GOLD category, the first in the mixed-used typology in South America

BIOSPHERE, born with the support of UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization, promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the guidelines of the Paris Agreement against Climate Change.

Among the list of certified sites are the city of Barcelona and Tenerife, in Spain, and the Thompson Okanagan region, in Canada.

MARAEY has now become a member of the Biosphere Destination Community, making it the first private project in the world to engage in the work that the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is implementing together with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

The MARAEY project has managed to score 115 points in its Precertification for a SITES seal ( under The Sustainable SITES Iniciative), which earns it a GOLD rating. This is a unique achievement in South America and provides proof of the project’s leadership and unfailing commitment towards Sustainability.

The SITES seal, administered by Green Business Certification INC. (GBCI), is the most internationally renowned certification system focussing on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of sustainable projects, helping to build ecologically resilient communities.

The SITES rating system is designed to plan sustainable sites that boost the value of natural environments. With it, MARAEY is braced to lead the way towards sustainable management and development practices, where every step is taken with a responsible use of resources, biodiversity and climate change in mind.


Having achieved some of the world’s top certifications, MARAEY is now adding its very own sustainability seal to the project, MARAEY eco-arch, a valuable architectural design tool to help develop buildings according to sustainability, environmental care and quality of life criteria, delving deeper into some of the factors that other seals overlook.

Guided by our goal of turning MARAEY into a benchmark for Sustainability and Quality, we created MARAEY eco-arch, a seal that comes as a guarantee of our environmental commitment in every element of the MARAEY project, applying the highest standards in terms of passive and bioclimatic architecture, environmental design, efficient systems and top-quality low-impact materials, as expressed in the MARAEY Green Book.