Sustainability – EESG







Sustainability is when a development meets all of its present needs without compromising the lives of future generations, striking a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.

Based on this commitment, MARAEY acts on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the backbone for its business strategy, and sees EESG (environmental, economic, social, and governance), values as the perfect tool to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

In developing its activities, MARAEY applies sustainability and corporate accountability criteria (EESG) to its management, based on:


We foster ethical behaviour standards in our operational practice based on specific policies

We work responsibly to assess the positive and negative effects that MARAEY has on the environment, seeking sustainable and innovative solutions

We are committed to promoting initiatives to preserve the environment, combat climate change and protect biodiversity

We bear in mind factors linked to corporate social responsibility and sustainability in our relations with stakeholders, setting up communication mechanisms that are kept permanently open

Our values of honesty, integrity, transparency and business ethics are the core foundations underpinning MARAEY as a sustainable business model

We act on our pledge to develop local communities and foster cultural and social development in the surrounding area




This corporate culture, focused in sustainability, has driven us to develop our 2030 Vision, a proposal to transit the path toward a sustainable future and, in this way, to contribute to the reality of our scope of action.




MARAEY, labelled a Project of Public Use, by the State of Rio de Janeiro, represents a huge boost for the region’s touristic and economic development. It is built on sustainable policies with a positive impact on all three elements of Sustainable Development.

MARAEY works to achieve the SDGs, helping to create a better world. To do so, it relies on the MARAEY Institute and on sound Sustainable Development Policies seeking to ensure that every actor involved in the project is fully engaged in our guiding principles.


MARAEY is actively involved in international initiatives that strengthen our commitment towards sustainable development, including the Global Pact, the greatest voluntary social responsibility initiative, which provides guidelines on how to grow sustainably.

Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, confirming our commitment to help achieve the global sustainability agenda, focussing on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adding the Ten Universal Tenets, based in labor and human rights respect, environmental protection and the fight against the corruption.




The MARAEY Institute is our key tool for enforcing the Guiding Principles of our project: Respect for the environment, Integration of local communities, Commitment to sustainability.

The MARAEY Institute fulfils this mission by following the principles of good governance, according to which it engages in social and environmental actions that help to promote:

  • Sustainable Development for all, including the most vulnerable communities, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.
  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, creating productive employment and safe, decent jobs for everyone.
  • Quality training and environmental awareness.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Tourism that cares for the natural, cultural and social environment of this unique tourist destination.

Our Institute is also in charge of developing Social Action Policies and driving the Corporate Volunteering Programme, as well as encouraging subcontractors and suppliers to engage in socially responsible actions to ensure they are aligned with our CSR Policy and the EESG criteria.


The greatest symbol of MARAEY´s environmental commitment is the decision to protect the site’s vast environmental wealth above all else, based on two key points:

  • Preserving 81% of the area: by creating the second largest restinga forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Private Natural Heritage Reserve (known as RPPN), ensuring the comprehensive and perpetual preservation of 437 hectares, as well as recovering a further 243 hectares, adding up to a total preserved area of 680 hectares.
  • Building on just 6.6% of land: meaning that, out of 844 hectares, the amount of land taken up by construction is minimal, just half the limit foreseen in the Handling Plan by the APA (Environmental Protection Area) of Maricá.

MARAEY includes an Environmental Reference and Sustainable Wood Construction Centre (CRA), aiming to become a benchmark in environmental research and preservation and in promoting sustainable construction methodologies. Backed by renowned NGOs and prestigious academic institutions and universities in Brazil, MARAEY is set to drive scientific studies on local wildlife as a way to ensure the preservation of its surroundings and biodiversity.

In this regard, MARAEY has already signed different covenants and collaboration agreements with different universities that show their support for the project and their interest in participating in its environmental factors:

  • Agreements with UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro):
    • Agreement of Technical Cooperation with NUPEM (Nucleus in Ecology and Socio-environmental Development of Macaé)
    • Agreement of Technical-Scientific Cooperation with the Applied Ecology Laboratory of the Institute of Biology
  • Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) which includes an administrative and financial intervention of the Euclides da Cunha Foundation
  • Technical Cooperation Agreement with UFES (Federal University of Espirito Santo)
  • Scientific-Technical Cooperation Agreement with FAPUR (Foundation to support scientific and technological research) of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ)


MARAEY works to make mobility safe, environmentally friendly and highly efficient by:

  • Implementing clean and especially electric transport systems to lower CO2 emissions, signing agreements and collaborations with renowned companies in the sector, aiming to make at least 55% of MARAEY´s vehicles electric or hybrid.
  • Laying a 20 km bike lane, the longest cycling path in any private real estate development in Brazil, according to the strictest sustainability standards required to achieve SITES GOLD certification, and connecting it to the Maricá cycling system to total 50 km between them.







The essential actions that signify our social and cultural commitment are:

  • Integrating local communities in the project, fostering their social, economic and cultural development:
    • the Zacarias fishing community
    • the indigenous Tupi-Guarani community

  • Supporting education as a driver of progress and development:  
    • by signing training and professional qualification agreements with the City Council of Maricá, the CODEMAR, the National Commercial Learning Service of Rio de Janeiro (SENAC-RJ) to teach technical and professional courses.  
    • by promoting quality education to turn MARAEY into a prominent training location thanks to its Hospitality and Haute Cuisine University, as well as promoting a world-class sustainable tourism destination.

  • Generating employment and economic development in the region: by building stable ties with the local economy based on agreements to:
    • hire local hands
    • contract local suppliers, goods and services




The Governance system in MARAEY involves a series of management strategies (EESG) with the power to foster a culture of professional ethics, where relations are built to be long-lasting based on cooperation, mutual gain and sustainable development, with the ultimate aim of protecting all shareholders, investors and customers.

MARAEY fully supports and respects the fundamental principles against corruption defined by the United Nations Convention, promoting the principle of integrity by teaching and spreading ethical behaviour.

Along these lines, all action will be governed by the principle of transparency, providing our stakeholders with clear, accurate and verifiable information through communication channels that are kept open at all times.

We define action guidelines according to the sustainable MARAEY values:

  • Corporate Governance: building sustainability into our management system and structure based on EESG criteria.
  • MARAEY Policies: setting action guidelines with which to responsibly manage all our operations.
  • Sustainability: based on our commitment towards ethical principles, transparency and good governance in all four areas of EESG (Environmental, Economic, Social and Governance), putting MARAEY on the right path to lead corporate best practice.
  • Contribution to the SDGs: making us active drivers of environmental and social change in the MARAEY area>.